Tomorrow Is The Day!

Here are some final reminders and updates for you:

1.  It does look like snow will enter the area tonight and tomorrow, but at present, it doesn't look like it will be enough to impact our departure time.  So as of right now, everything is on schedule.  If there is a time change, I will send it out on Twitter, by text, by email, and on the website.

2.  Report time for students is 2:00 p.m. and report time for chaperones is 4:00 p.m.  The students will rehearse from 2:00-4:00.  It would be helpful if a couple of the chaperones arrived early to help with some logistical items.

3.  All students should pack their new gray band t-shirt (everyone got one in class).  We will all wear it one day.

4.  Please bring rain gear.  It rains in Dallas often.  Be sure to have something with a hood that could go over your band uniform in case it rains during the game.  You can find some pretty cheap ponchos out there.  I will bring something to cover the instruments.

5.  Be sure you have your marching band uniform.  Do not bring your concert band uniform.  Jazz band students need a nice dark top and nice dark slacks or skirt.  All marching band uniforms will go on racks.

6.  You are allowed a small carry on and a medium sized suitcase.  Your carry on should have everything you need for the overnight bus ride (change of clothes, toothbrush, glasses, etc.).  You will not be able to get into your luggage on the overnight bus ride.

7.  Remember to bring any medications you need.

8.  Remember to bring money.  You probably should store it in a couple different places - some in your pocket, some in your carry on, some in your luggage.  We also will have a "bank" you can store some money if you like.  Be sure it is clearly labeled with your name.

9.  You may bring DVD's for the bus, but nothing higher than PG-13.

10.  The buses are supposed to have wifi but for light use only.  You will not be able to stream videos or download large files.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Go Bobcats!

Bus Lists

Be sure to check your email for the bus lists.

Calendar Changes

The basketball team's schedule has changed so that means two changes for us. 

There will be no pep band on January 11 because there is no longer a home game that night.

The pep band scheduled for January 18 has been moved to January 17.